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Life Assurance and Cover

Life Assurance & Mortgage Protection

Whether you’re looking for Mortgage Protection, Family Protection, Serious Illness Cover or Corporate Cover, Orca Financial Advisors are here to help, by guiding you through the process to ensuring you have the right cover for you at the best price in the market


Pensions & Investments

It’s important to consider your financial future, and to review the policies and plans you’ve already put in place for retirement. Invest a little time with our qualified Advisors, and get a better understanding of your Pension and Investment options.

Financial NCT

A better of understanding of your finances

Understanding the various fees that you are charged on different policies and financial products can be difficult. But our Advisors know their way through them all, and can offer you impartial advice on the best value for money. It’s like taking a financial NCT – it could save you now, and in the long run.

Welcome to Orca Financial

Orca Financial is an Irish-owned company, with over €80 million under advice... and growing. We’ve been providing expert independent financial advice since 2004. Being independent gives us the freedom to work with all the Life companies and Investment houses in the Irish market.

We put a strong emphasis on building and maintaining relationships; our clients trust us to find the most suitable products and policies for them, and to recommend investments that fit their profile and help them achieve their long-term goals. We are governed by the Central Bank of Ireland.

3 Easy step guide to saving money

1 Listen You talk. We listen

It’s simple. In order to provide advice, we need to know what you want to achieve financially, and your financial concerns and goals. So we listen. Then we review all your existing policies, to ensure they in line with your personal requirements. By comparing what you expect financially with what you’ve already put in place, we can identify the investment and protection products and policies that are right for you.

2 Compare We compare. You save

As independent Financial Advisors, we can look across the entire market to make sure that you are getting the best value for money from the charges that are applied to your policies. By comparing of your current protection policies to the rest of the market, we can help you find the lowest premium for the most suitable protection. Also, by auditing your existing pension we may identify savings in charging structures that, compounded over time, can make a considerable difference to your retirement fund.

3 Advise We advise. You decide

After assessing your individual circumstances and requirements, we will provide you with detailed recommendations, based on extensive research and our expertise. Our single aim is to help you meet your financial expectations. We will give you a financial plan that works for you now, and is fully future-proofed. Of course, things change over time. That’s why the Orca process is on-going; why we regularly review how your financial plan is working for you, and recommend modifications where necessary.


Ask yourself...

  • How is your current financial plan performing?
  • Are you financially prepared for unexpected events, such as job loss, disability or death?
  • How will you finance for children’s education?
  • How much money will you need to retire?
  • When can you retire?
  • Will my children be liable for inheritance tax?
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