The Orca Financial Guide to understanding Wealth Management

Why Wealth Management matters

Wealth Managing is an-going process. It’s important that you have someone who is keeping their eye on the ball for you – helping you to avoid costly pitfalls and looking out for wealth building opportunities as they arise.

Why Orca Financial?

Since 2004 our Wealth Management team has been providing independent financial planning, impartial advice and end-to-endinvestment portfolio management – everything from asset allocation and portfolio construction to performance monitoring, rebalancing and regular evaluation. With Orca, your assets are in safe hands.Our specialists have extensive experience in Wealth Management, here in Ireland, and abroad.

What we offer

We provide the full range of trust, tax and insurance solutions.
  • Cashflow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Management for personal assets
  • Investment Management for pension assets
  • Specialist Guidance on estate and succession planning
  • Tax efficient investments

For a better understanding of Wealth Management,
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