The Orca Financial Guide to understanding
Self Administered Pension Plans

What are Self Administered Pension?

With Self Administered Pensions, you are given complete control of your pension investment decisions. At Orca Financial we offer two types of Self Administered Pensions.

  • A Self Administered Pension Scheme (SSAPS) is an approved company sponsored pension arrangement where the member trustee decides how the funds are invested.
  • A Self Invested Pension (SSIP) is a personal pension, set up for the self-employed and those in non-pensionable employment.

What’s so good about Self Administered Pensions?

For a start, investments are made outside of insurance companies, who typically provide pension investments here in Ireland. This allows you to access a wider range of investment options. They provide you with greater control over your affairs, and dealings are fully transparent. Also, Self Administered Pensions are highly tax efficient and cost-effective.

So where can invest my funds?

Funds can be spread across a range of allowable investments.

  • Direct share dealing
  • Direct property and syndicated investments
  • Bank deposit accounts
  • Structured products
  • Institutional funds, including those managed by leading external investment managers
  • A variety of collective investment schemes, including unit trust arrangements

For the purpose of providing Self Administered Pensions, Orca Financial has agencies with the following companies:

  • Harvest Financial Services Limited
  • Wealth Options Limited
  • Newcourt Pensioneer Trustees Limited
  • Independent Trustee Company Limited

For a better understanding of Self Administered Pensions, call Orca Financial on 01 2103030 or email