The Orca Financial Guide to understanding EII Investment Schemes

Investment funds can be complex, so it is important to get the right financial advice. At Orca Financial we will take you through all the options, explain things like EII schemes in detail, and help you make investments that suit your needs, and offers maximum tax efficiencies.

What exactly is the EII scheme?

EII is the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme, introduced in 2011 as a replacement for the Business Expansion Scheme. Under the scheme, a taxpayer who puts money into an approved EII investment can deduct a substantial portion of their taxable income for the year in which the investment was made. When all the sums are done, an investor can get back 30% of the investment from the Revenue Commissioners.

Who can invest in an EII?

Anyone who lives in Ireland and pays income tax income tax and is living in Ireland is eligible to invest in an EII scheme or fund and avail of the income tax savings.

How much can I invest, and what am I investing in?

How much you invest is up to you. However, many schemes require a minimum investment of €5,000.The maximum investment allowed is €150,000 per year.

The scheme is designed to promote growth though investment in qualifying Irish companies. By investing in an EII funds, your investment is spread over a number of such companies.

Is my investment secure?

Your investment is not guaranteed, but you are guaranteed to receive the EII tax relief when you file your return.

Is this for me?

Before investing in an EII scheme or fund, consider you personal circumstances and your attitude to investment risk. EII schemes or funds are suitable for those who don’t need to access the money invested for the investment period, and who can avail of the income tax relief on the investment.

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