Our Process

Firstly and most importantly we listen. You as our client advise us of where you are currently in your financial lifepath and what your financial goals and hopes are for the future. This is the one of the most important stages of our financial process, you advise us what your hope is for your life in the future for each stage of the lifecycle.Secondly we review your current financial position and calculate the cost of your current lifestyle and what the cost would be of your desired lifestyle. We will advise on any areas on which we can reduce your costs and recommend. Thirdly we show you how to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.Finally we Review - We carry out regular reviews to track how your financial plan is working for you and to modify your financial needs as necessaryHave you considered the following:
  • How is your current financial plan performing?
  • Are you prepared to handle unexpected events (Job Loss, disability or death)
  • How will you finance for children’s education?
  • How much money will you need to retire?
  • When can you retire?
  • Will my children be liable for inheritance tax?